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#ES50-VOLT-SURGE 50 Amp Transfer Switch With Volt Monitor And Surge Protector

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#ES50-VOLT-SURGE 50 Amp 120V/240V Contactor Based Automatic Transfer Switch With Volt Monitor And Surge Protector For Use In RVs And Marine Applications Transfers both hot and neutral legs simultaneously Utilizes two auxillary switches in combination with a mechanical interlock to ensure power cord is off before generator is on Comes standard with the capability of monitoring voltages on the generator and shore line Built-in time delay allows generator to get up to speed Built-in surge protection against voltage spikes and transient voltages Quick and easy installation Designed for oem and aftermarket applications CONTACTORS: 3 pole N.O. 240 VAC, 50 Amps/Pole COIL: 110VAC (60H, Inrush Current - 77 Watts, Sealed - 4.0 Watts) AUXILIARY SWITCHES: One shoreline and one generator release switch, 120VAC, N.C. PHYSICAL SIZE: 8” x 9” x 4-7/8” KNOCKOUTS: Assorted TIME DELAY: Custom time delay, 30 seconds nominal, generator low voltage monitoring WEIGHT: 13 lbs 

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