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Power Seat Units

Power Seat System Specifications




Travel Distances
Rear Vertical44.5 mm/1.75 in44.5 mm/1.75 in
Front Vertical41.5 mm/1.63 in41.5 mm/1.63 in
Horizontal193.2 mm/7.61 in193.2 mm/7.61 in
Travel Rates (10.5 Volts DC at 24° C)
Vertical Motion6.0 mm per sec./.24 in per sec.6.0 mm per sec./.24 in per sec.
Horizontal Motion13.8 mm per sec./.54 in per sec.13.8 mm per sec./.54 in per sec.
Physical Dimensions
Width275.4 mm/10.8 in416.2 mm/16.4 in
Length435.3 mm/17.1 in435.3 mm/17.1 in
Collapsed Height95.3 mm/3.75 in95.3 mm/3.75 in
Extended Height140.0 mm/5.51 in140.0 mm/5.51 in
Mounting Holes (To Pedestal)
Length242.6 mm/9.55 in242.6 mm/9.55 in
Width214.8 mm/8.46 in355.6 mm/14.0 in
Stall Current at 10.5 Volts DC23 Amps per Motor23 Amps per Motor
Temperature Range-29° C to +71° C/-20° F to +160° F-29° C to +71° C/-20° F to +160° F
Weight10.2 kg/22.5 lbs10.9 kg/24.0 lbs
Harness Lengths
From Rear Vertical Motor to Adjusting Switch769.0 mm/30.28 in769.0 mm/30.28 in
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